5 Fun Activities to Do While Climbing Mountains

Climbing mountains is an outdoor recreational activity that has been adopted by so many people due to its benefits. Mountain climbing has health benefits such as fitness and social benefits which come from bonding with fellow mountain climbers. However, many people may not know exactly what fun activities to involve in while climbing the mountain. Below are 5 Fun Activities to Do While Climbing Mountains:

1.Taking photographs.

Most mountains are usually surrounded by a natural environment around them such as trees, streams, rivers, rocks, wild animals and flowers. This part of nature gives a very beautiful background for photography. When you take photographs in such an environment, you will enjoy the moment and also get something to smile about in future. Additionally, taking pictures of such an environment shows the beauty of nature.

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2. Bird-watching.

If you want to see birds you have never seen, go mountain climbing. Most bird species live in mountain forest environments. Species such as black scoter, common loon, wandering tattler and surfbird are commonly seen in the forest. Some mountain managements create a special area where you can view various species of bird. Watching some of these beautiful creatures is so fun.


Hunting does not necessarily refer to spotting and killing endangered species such as rabbits, it also means trying to get herbs or roots you can eat or use to make something else such as juices. In mountain environments, we get the rarest plants/herbs that are used for medicinal purposes.

4.Rock climbing.

As we all know, most mountains especially volcanic mountains have rocks all over/around them. Climbing such rocks and having a better view of nature and taking photographs while on the rocks is very fun. However, you must be cautious because some of the rocks may be very slippery.


Some mountains are situated in very good camping grounds. Moreover, it may take you a day or two to reach the desired destination. For this reason, it would be very fun and breathtaking to camp at a specified area for a night or two and share stories with fellow mountain climbers. However, to camp, you must have prepared adequately.

Climbing mountains is a general activity that entails so many other activities that make the activity desirable.